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Sawyer Business School (SBS) Academic Microcredential Application

Thank you for your interest in earning an SBS Academic Microcredential. To begin you will need to complete this online application.  
This online application is for:  
  • Students who want to take up to three (3) for-credit classes in the Sawyer Business School prior to matriculating to a program.  
  • Students who wish to pursue an academic microcredential through a Sawyer Business School for-credit course.  
  • Students who need to take up to 9 credits in order to meet educational requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Massachusetts  
Please be sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability. Entering false information (or omitting information) may result in any admission offer being revoked.  
This form is designed to be completed in a single session. Any additional documents you may need to provide (resume or transcripts) can be submitted at a later date to finish your application package.  

Please note: As part of your enrollment record, the SBS Academic Microcredential will appear on your transcript and tuition bill with the for-credit program code of Management Advancement Professional Studies (MAPS).